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Pest Control

  • Unique 2-visit treatment for protection from pests
  • Book if pests are visible only in kitchen & bathroom
  • 3 Month Protection
Removal and restocking Please provide a stool/ladder if required
Cockroach & Ant Control
Cockroach & Ant Control

Cockroach & Ant Control

  • Inspection to find infestations and entry points.
  • Targeted treatment using baits, sprays, and growth regulators.
  • Sanitation advice to remove attractants.
  • Crack and crevice insecticide application.
  • Bait placement for attraction and elimination.
  • Follow
Seal entry points to prevent access. Declutter to remove hiding spots. Store food properly and clean up spills. Fix leaks and reduce moisture. Manage pet food storage. Trim vegetation and ensure drainage. Educate occupants on prevention.


999 ₹ 1199 Offer Price


1199 ₹ 1499 Offer Price


1499 ₹ 1699 Offer Price


1699 ₹ 1899 Offer Price


1799 ₹ 1999 Offer Price

Booking Faqs

The products used by our professional deep cleaners are of the highest grade in the market and are safe for pets as well.

Ideally, it would be better if you are home to ensure that the job is done to your liking if there are particular areas in your house where you need more attention, you can always communicate that to the cleaning professional.