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Winter season has just started home cleaning is important to create a comfortable and cozy stay, especially when we spend more time indoors during winter season. There are some tasks that you should do regularly to keep your house clean and fresh. For example, you should dust the carpet and deep clean the curtains to remove dirt and dust. Here are 9 tips to help you with your winter cleaning routine...

Take your room heaters out and Clean them

While many of us have the heating on to keep warm, it's vital to remove dust and thorough clean the heaters. Cleaning your heaters which were kept idle for months is also important to allow heat to circulate properly.  A neat trick is to use a damp cloth and some vinegar-based cleaner to wipe down the heater body and radiators from out.  

Cleaning your Carpets is very important

Carpets can accumulate dust, dirt, bacteria and pet hair over time, which can affect your health and comfort. To keep your carpets clean and fresh, you should vacuum them regularly and shake them outdoors at least twice a year. A professional carpet cleaning can help you remove more dust and dirt from your carpets. You can also use a jugaad to use racket or bat to beat your carpets or rugs to loosen the dust and make them softer.

Also Clean curtains and blinds

As we all know curtains can trap various pollutants, such as dust, pollen, and exhaust gases. It is advisable to wash curtains in the washing machine at least twice a year. We recommend wash all curtains before winter starts so that it can be easily dried, one tip is to hang curtains while it's damp to avoid wrinkle free.

Blankets and pillows not to be forgotten 

If you enjoy snuggling under a fluffy blanket, you should also not forget to keep them fresh and clean. 'You can simply wash them in the machine. Or can choose to get them cleaned in professional dry cleaners, In both the cases put them in the bright sun before starting to use them, You will sleep much better under clean blankets and definitely your sleep will be comfortable.

Deep Clean your fridge

A fridge full of festive leftovers can get pretty gross, so why not give it a good scrub before winter starts. First, take out all your food for shortly until you do cleaning. Then, wash and rinse the drawers, doors and shelves with some warm soapy water remember not to use too hot water.  

With everything out of the way, you can check what you have and what you don't need throw away the waste or expired products.  

When you're done, put everything back in its place and organize it. It might seem like a lot of work, but you should clean your fridge at least four times a year. Pro tip: do it on the day you go out for grocery shopping so it's almost empty if you clean it before start of winter you won't need to do it in cod chilly weather.

Hard floors Cleaning/ Full Home Cleaning

If you want your house floors to look shiny and new, you need to deep clean them regularly. This will get rid of the dirt, germs and scuff marks that make them look good. As in winter regular / weekly cleaning of floors might not be very comfortable to do you can use professional help to do a full home cleaning. We at Jiffit offer full home cleaning service in Patna which includes vacuuming or sweeping the floor to remove any loose dirt. Next, we use a mop or steam cleaner to clean the surface and remove any stains. Apart from full home cleaning service you can separately book sofa cleaning, water tank cleaning, carpet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, washroom cleaning services and more from our website and Jiffit mobile app available on Android & iOS.

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